Rama Block, Music Generation Tutor

Rama Block, Music Generation Tutor

“I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying the AMP sound production course. They are such a good way to get your head around digital sound recording and production. Everything is broken into easily understandable concepts and explained very clearly. I find it a very friendly learning environment, where it is very easy to ask questions, no matter how silly they might seem. 

All the slides and bullet points are very helpful. I think this would be a great place to get anyone started on the whole process of recording and manipulating sound as everything is made so accessible, even to a complete beginner with no musical background, while still providing useful tips and insights for the more experienced, especially as you go up through the levels.”

Nikolaus Ginter, Music Generation Leitrim

“I have to state that I have become a more skillful and a more insightful musician due to the content and the presentation of this amazing course. 3 Levels of music technology, recording, and hands-on practice in the field of music production, did not only lead me to be able to teach insightful aspects of technology to my students in TY courses, but it lead to an in-depth understanding of a powerful musical tool-box, that will accompany me for the foreseeable future. I send my thanks and regards to Bryan, who is a witty and knowledgeable teacher whose wide experience in the music-production process was always freely shared with every student on every level. I highly recommend this course for all Music Generation teachers and beyond.”